Archipelago x J Frisco

archifrisco photo

Left to right;

Lara Jones – Saxophone/FX/Voice

Faye MacCalman – Composer/Reeds/Voice

John Pope – Bass Guitar/FX/Voice

Megan Roe – Guitar/Voice

Christian Alderson – Drums/Voice

Jemma Freese – Keys/FX/Voice

Photo: Christian Alderson

The Archipelago J Frisco ‘superband’ began as a commission for Lancaster Jazz Festival in 2018 to create one hour of new music in a collaboration bringing together some of the most exciting musicians to emerge from the northern creative scene. ‘Escaping to Us’ is a string of songs composed by Faye MacCalman, focusing on the connection between light, colour and sound through tonal explorations of clashes and stillness, minimalist riffs and improvisation.

Here’s a snippet of what we sound like: